How we serve our buyers

At BLVD Estates, our team work hard to protect our clients.

From the offer to the closing table, BLVD Estates is WITH YOU and your FAMILY throughout 5 steps:


Our corporate culture is based on the assertion that a well-educated buyer or seller will make an informed decision that will benefit his/her family, NOT THE “PUSHY” REALTOR.

Either you are buying your dream primary residence or an income producing property or a property to Fix and Flip, you must have a thorough understanding of the process. Do not jump into your biggest investment with no exit strategy or even a plan B.

When you contact BLVD Estates, our agents will review your options and help you make an informed decision that will benefit you and your precious family.

Step 1- is completed and you have decided to buy, now what?

The pre-qualification process: BLVD Estates will never submit an offer on behalf of a buyer without a pre-qualification letter. With our preferred lender, you will review your options based on your situation. The lender will provide you with a pre-qualification letter. You will always have the option to shop around for a better rate and/or conditions.

If you have not identified some properties yet that you really want to see, our awesome agents will present you all properties available in your designated areas.

You will also receive properties by emails with photos, HD videos, virtual tours, 3D floor plans, and more, while also choosing the community features that you want.

You love it! Great location! Great schools! Great neighborhood! Now what?

Before submitting an offer, we need to make sure the price is correct. We will do a home evaluation to avoid paying too much for this property.

Our negotiation skills, our know-how, and knowledge of the Florida real estate market will benefit and protect you. Our office will conduct a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to advise you on the offer.

NO ONE ELSE CAN DO IT BETTER THAN US! Why? because we have years of experience in teaching real estate, buying investments properties, and closing complex real estate transactions.

Now, my offer was accepted, do I have to be in a panic mode? Absolutely NOT. Remember step 1, you have made an informed decision from the beginning. NOW it’s time to take the passenger seat and drive with BLVD Estates to the closing table.  

BLVD Estates will:

  • communicate with the lender
  • communicate the title company
  • help you order the inspection
  • review with the buyer the inspection report, the survey, the appraisal report, the sewer scope if any, the mitigation report, the loan package, all required disclosures from the sellers, the HOA if any, and any other documents.
  • request any repairs from the sellers
  • ensure repairs were completed before the closing date by licensed contractors.

Our Agents will even go to the closing table with the buyer to ensure the closing goes smoothly. 

At BLVD Estates, we make families HAPPY!